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Securing The Web3 World.

SolidGuard is a Web3 smart contract developer, auditor and provides a comprehensive suite of tools to secure the industry at scale.

$1B+ MarketCap


100+ Contracts Audited

50+ Smart Contracts



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SolidGuard develops and tests custom solidity smart contracts that respect SAFU criterias.


We provide KYC, identity verification and due diligence service in Web3. And we store this information securely according to the GDPR.

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A comprehensive security assessment of your smart contract and blockchain code to identify vulnerabilities and recommend ways to fix them.

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  • Who is SolidGuard ?
    SolidGuard is a leading blockchain security company that offers comprehensive auditing, KYC, development, and consulting services to businesses operating in the blockchain industry.
  • Why is it crucial to conduct a blockchain audits ?
    Blockchain auditing is crucial for ensuring the robustness and security of blockchain systems. By conducting thorough audits, SolidGuard helps clients detect and prevent potential vulnerabilities and ensures the integrity of their blockchain applications.
  • How can SolidGuard help protect our project from security vulnerabilities ?
    We offer practical advice and proven strategies to lessen risks and boost the total security of your project, guaranteeing that your resources and users are shielded from possible hazards. SolidGuard serves to safeguard your project from potential risks by carrying out exhaustive security evaluations and testing. Our proficient team meticulously scrutinizes your smart contracts and system infrastructure, pinpointing possible flaws and susceptibility points.
  • What is KYC and what's SolidGuard's process ?
    KYC, or Know Your Customer, refers to the process of verifying the identity and authenticity of individuals engaging in financial transactions or using blockchain services. SolidGuard provides KYC solutions that enable businesses to meet regulatory requirements and establish a secure and compliant environment for their users.
  • What happens when a bad actor is determined ?
    Following “Sensitive PII” regulations for safeguarding data storage and security, all documentation SolidGuard stores will be held confidential and secure. SolidGuard reserves the right to release identifying information under the following: • Exit Scam • Fraud Solidguard has strict rules we follow before releasing an identity: On the report of any fraud or alleged exit scam, SolidGuard will attempt to contact you directly and you will have 48 hours to reply to our contact attempt. In case of no response given, SolidGuard reserves the right to make pubic your identity. We will forward your identity to the appropriate Cyber Crime Unit
  • How long does it take for conducting a security audit or testing ?
    The duration required to carry out a security audit or test can fluctuate, contingent upon the intricacy of the project and the extent of the contracts involved. The process generally takes anywhere from a single day to a fortnight, hinging on the volume and complexity of the contracts. This usually entails a thorough and detailed assessment of the project's codebase, smart contracts, and overall security blueprint. At SolidGuard, we strike a balance between swiftness and precision in our audits, making certain that the evaluation is performed swiftly, yet without surrendering the caliber of our results.

Safety First, Always.

58 Av. Saint Augustin
06200. Nice. FRANCE


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